Halloween-Vampire Dinner Party

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This year’s dinner party theme was inspired by all things vampire, not the violent, suck’um dry and leave’um vampire, but the romantic vampire. So I created this gorgeous black and crimson tablescape that for me, captures the allure and beauty of this mysterious creature of the night. Accents of roses, skulls, books and candles creates a dark but elegant ambiance. The blood red roses are repeated in the centerpiece, the chandelier, wreath and the sideboard to echo the romantic theme throughout. Now that the table is all set, what’s for dinner? I created a vampire inspired menu that reflects the elegance and romance of a dinner with the Count. For starters, let your guests graze over a Flesh and Bloodlust charcuterie board filled with savory meats and luscious fruits while sipping a dreamy Full Moon Martini. A Renfield inspired first ‘corpse’ really sets the mood with a creepy morsel of Death Head Moths Bites.  A refreshing Sangre Sorbet prepares your palate for the next ‘corpse’ of soup and salad. I know usually it’s one or the other, but I like to have both to mix up the flavors and textures of a great meal. The main ‘corpse’ is the classic stick to the ribs, Vlad the Impaler Steaks and gorgeous purple garlic mashed potatoes. And finally for dessert, a ultra decadent chocolate Noir Candle Cakes. Take a look around and be inspired to host your own Vampire Dinner Party. ‘Bone’ Appetit!

Note: I bought some dripping candles from Woodstock Wax on Etsy to make the wax dripped wine bottles.

Vampire Dinner Menu Ideas

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