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I finished my Ghostly themed menu way back in February and usually I set the table and post my decorating around that menu right afterward, however…this year my theme should’ve been ‘Life Doesn’t Go According To Plans’. I’ve had a few health issues that came out of the blue and lots of other dramas that took my attention away from this fun creative space, but I’m finally feeling better health-wise and all the other crazy things have subsided, so here’s my better late, than never post…my ghostly, ‘Ghouls Night In’ Halloween tablescape.

My working title for this Halloween theme was a Haunted House theme, but once the decorating finally came together, the name just didn’t fit. It had the feel of the haunted house with the ghostly gallery wall and spiderwebs, but instead of a broken down abandoned house, it was so elegant and glittery with the crystal, silver, skull roses, and candles that the name just didn’t work with all the spooky elegance. I imagined all my favorite ghoulfriends sitting around the table eating comfort food and laughing, swearing, crying and talking about all the emotional parts of who we are. Supporting each other though bad times and celebrating together with the good. This table theme became “Ghouls Night In” for all my wonderful friends who know that my love language is food and that I always have a seat at the table for them. 🖤🖤🖤

Check out the easy craft and Ghostly Menu ideas below to host your own ‘Ghouls Night In’ Halloween party.👻


Ghostly Craft Ideas

Create a hauntingly beautiful dining room with three easy craft ideas to make a gauzy spiderweb chandelier, a ghostly gallery wall, and a spooky skull rose centerpiece.
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Ghostly Gallery Wall

  • various spooky photos
  • various frames or mirrors (Oval mirrors from The 99)
  • black spray paint
  • silver stencil paint

Skull Roses Centerpiece

  • 2 bunches rose bushes (roses removed) (From Hobby Lobby)
  • 12 mini 2½-inch plastic skulls (From Michael's)
  • black spray paint
  • hot glue

Spiderweb Chandelier

  • 6 6-inch 1 ⅜-inch diameter PVC pipe
  • hot glue (white) (Or substitute with regular hot glue and spray drips with white spray paint)
  • 6 LED 5-inch battery operated candles (From Dollar Tree)
  • 2 packages creepy cloth (white) (From The 99)
  • 1-2 dozen black plastic spiders (various sizes)


Ghostly Gallery Wall

  • PHOTOS: Purchase lenticular Halloween photos. You know the ones where the face changes from normal to ghoulish depending on which way you look at it. Honestly, I buy these every year in hopes of creating a ghostly gallery wall and never did until now. So I just happened to have a bunch of them. But, if you're not a Halloween hoarder like me, don't worry it's easy to find spooky portraits to print from the internet. I did both... I used the lenticular photos and I printed some larger spooky pictures to fit my oval frames.
  • FRAMES: I gathered up some frames from around my house and I also used these cheap oval mirrors that I got from 'The 99' Store. For these, I popped out the mirrors and sprayed the frames with flat black spray paint. Once dried, I used a dry stencil brush to add silver highlights. I used the mirror as a template to cut out the printed photos. I glued the cut out photo onto the mirror and popped it back in the plastic frame. Repeat and then arrange framed photos on your gallery wall. 👻

Skull Roses

  • I picked up these two red rose bushes from Hobby Lobby. I chose these because I liked the way the leaves were oriented out away from the stems. First step, remove the red roses from the stems and remove the green bases from the rose itself. Discard the red roses. Spray the stems, leaves, and green bases black and allow to dry.
  • Remove the bottom jaw of these mini skulls that I got from Michael's. Hot glue the skulls to the stems. Arrange in a tall silver urn for a spooky, yet elegant Skull Rose Centerpiece.
    (I made extra skull roses and created a wreath by hot gluing them to a grapevine wreath along with additional black foliage.)

Spiderweb Chandelier

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