Ghoul Tidings

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Last year I picked up a 4 foot white Christmas tree at Michaels on clearance for 10 dollars. I was so excited to get it even though I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with it. I shop throughout the year at thrift shops and dollar stores and pick up random things that I think will fit some of the ideas that float around in my head. Often times, it’s finding those random items that spark the rest of the theme. So fast forward to the beginning of October, when I found a bunch of mini white Christmas trees (new) at the thrift store and since Christmas items were not yet out at the dollar stores, I snatched them up determined to create a Creepmas theme around these snowy white trees. On a trip to Michaels after Halloween, I bought some black and white garland with glittery spiders determined to make it work with my white Christmas trees. I found peppermint cluster ornaments at Hobby Lobby and my Peppermint Widows came into being. Coincidentally, once I finished the spider ornaments I stopped at Target and found peppermint appetizer plates in the dollar area. It was like it was meant to be and the main elements of the theme started to take shape. After a few weeks of adding and subtracting elements, I finally landed on my snowy spidery Ghoul Tidings tablescape. Hope you enjoy it!


For the table, I picked up some Halloween placemats and spiderweb mesh ribbon on clearance from The 99. I cut a strip of the ribbon and laid it on the back side of the placemat to add a spiderweb detail. I added white plates, gray wine goblets, black napkins and silverware. I spray painted plastic spider candy bowls black and then added the peppermint appetizer plates that I picked up from Target(4 for $3) to mimic my peppermint widow ornaments.

For the centerpiece, I zip tied four mini white trees together to make a long swag, two on each end and tied them together  in the middle. I added white spray painted skulls, bulb ornaments, snow flakes, peppermint spiders, and red fairy lights. For the sideboard swag I used six mini trees, three on each end and added the same elements.

I repeated the same elements for the tree and wreath to pull the whole look together. I added red lights for a little drama, but honestly I really like it without lights. I love the snowy monochromatic look of it with pops of red and black from the spiders. I added pics without lights below. Enjoy!  Ghoultide Greetings to all! 🎄💀🕷

Ghoul Tidings

Decorate your dining room this Creepmas with white Christmas trees, white skulls, bulbs, and snowflakes, and spooky peppermint widows.



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