Ghoul At Heart

Hi, I’m Lori. Welcome to my little corner of the internet where you’ll find all things Halloween all year long. I plan all year for Halloween and for many years I’ve shared my Halloween creations on my cooking blog, Castellon’s Kitchen. Now, I’ve finally decided to give my Halloween obsession a platform all its own!

I’m often asked why I like Halloween so much. The simple answer is that it’s just plain fun! But it’s more than that- it reminds me of my childhood and rekindles memories of the magic of the season. The long walks home from school, warmly wrapped against the autumn chill, the sound of leaves crunching beneath my feet, and the sight of pumpkins on porches added to the excitement that Halloween was near. The school costume parades and classroom parties, adorned with paper cats, bats and ghosts that filled the room with a special kind of enchantment that made home-made cupcakes taste especially wonderful. Those memories taught me that the right ambiance can make a good party, a great party! So, when I create a ghoulish recipe or decorate my house for Halloween, I’m transported back to the simple joys I felt as a little girl on Halloween, realizing that no matter my age, I remain a Ghoul at Heart!