Halloween- Pink-o-ween

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For all the “In October we Eat and Drink Pink” recipes I made this year,  I had to set the table befitting of all that pink,  so I pulled out a bunch of foam pumpkins and began carving my jack-o-lanterns. Luckily, I got them real cheap because of all the supply chain issues last October. Michael’s foam pumpkins finally came in and were on clearance in February of this year! Score!! One week they were 80% off, so I grabbed a bunch of small ones for $2 each. Then two weeks later, I went in and found they had a huge bin of large pumpkins that were 90% off, so I got those for $2 each as well. A total steal because those buggers are really pricey.  Anyhoo…I knew I wanted to make a whole jack-o-lantern patch to set my table, so I painted each one a different shade of pink. I used 5 shades in all to create an Ombre effect on the table and the wreath. I added some curly willow branches to their stems to give them some personality and some movement. I replaced my chandelier bulbs with night light bulbs and topped them with small jack-o-lanterns, which I think is absolutely adorable. I used my black and white plaid runners and napkins from Christmas to have a nice base color scheme for all that pink and I think it really works with the black stems, it ties it all together nicely. Simple black plates and silverware, pink glasses and pink-kin pail cocoa bombs add a nice playful element to the table. Happy Pink-o-ween! Enjoy!

NOTE OF CAUTION: Covering light fixtures can be a fire hazard. Always use low wattage bulbs, LED or battery operated tea lights to light up your chandelier, leave ample space around bulbs, and never leave unattended.

Pink-o-ween Menu

Appetizers & Cocktails: Pink-o-ween Potstickers/Pink n’ Be Berry
Main & Side Dishes: Pink-o-lantern Sushi/Pink-A-Boo Slaw
Desserts: Pink-kin Pail Bombs/ Scary in Pink Parfait

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