Molecular Salad

I’m finally back in the kitchen to finish up the last few recipes for my Mad Scientist menu with this genetically modified fruit salad.  My inspiration for this salad came from my dear friend Gina’s watermelon salad she made this summer. It was absolutely delicious made with watermelon chunks, lime, jalapeno, cilantro and cotija cheese, it was the perfect side to her summery grilled tacos. I took her recipe and created a science-y version where I made it into festive molecules with elements of watermelon and honeydew melon. Serve them individually as a fun salad course and top with extra dressing, cotija, tajin and lime for a deliciously festive mad scientist dinner party.

Molecular Salad

Simple plating is all it takes to genetically modify fruit and create this Molecular Salad for a festive Mad Scientist Halloween party.
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Course: Salad
Cuisine: Halloween Food
Keyword: fruit, fruit salad, Halloween, honeydew, watermelon
Servings: 9 molecules


  • Medium cookie scoop
  • melon baller
  • party picks


  • ½ small watermelon, seedless
  • ½ large honeydew melon
  • ¼ cup cotija cheese crumbles


  • ½ cup lime juice and zest of two limes
  • 3 tbsp. honey
  • 1 tsp. Tajin seasoning (or substitute with kosher salt)
  • 1 small jalapeno, minced
  • ¼ cup cilantro leaves, minced


  • Use medium cookie scoop to make ~9 medium sized watermelon balls and set aside. Use melon baller or a small cookie scoop to make ~27 melon balls with the honeydew and set aside.
  • Mix all dressing ingredients in a small bowl and toss with melon. Marinate for 1 hour or overnight.
  • Thread each honeydew ball onto a party pick. I used plastic picks that have a ball at the end so that the melon balls don't slide off. (I used Bonny Party Picks) Gather three melon ball picks and stick a watermelon ball on top and place on individual plates as a starter salad. Top with extra dressing, cotija cheese crumbles, limes and Tajin seasoning.

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